In what could be the start of a trend, protective headgear is showing up in Regina's curling rinks.

Most curlers still go bareheaded, but a men's curling league in Regina is practicing a little extra safety on the ice.

Some of the men, including a number of seniors, have decided to wear hockey and bike helmets or other protective gear.

One person who's a believer is Dr. Robert Capp, who's been playing senior's curling for about eight years and says he has seen a number of players suffer head injuries due to falls.

"It's more in the senior population where balance reactions are not as good and the strength to catch yourself when you do start to go isn't as good so they're much more at risk," he said.

Capp wears a special protective headband, with extra padding to protect the back of the head.

Helmeted curlers are still in the minority, however.

Some players, like Aydon Charlton, admit they're a little worried about how they'll look.

Charlton feels his balance is good enough that he doesn't need a helmet, but agrees it's better to be safe than sorry.

"I didn't quit smoking until I had a heart attack, so it takes a certain amount of stupidity," he said. "Some people only learn until when it happens to you."


Curlers who wear protective headgear are becoming a more common sight in Saskatchewan rinks. (Nichole Huck/CBC)