Brad Wall says he plans to stay largely mum during the current federal election campaign. ((Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press))

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he expects to play a less active role in the federal election campaign.

In the 2008 contest, Wall was vocal in his opposition to the federal Liberal Party’s environmental platform. Stéphane Dion, the leader at the time, was pledging a "green shift" for Canada that involved a carbon tax.

The much-criticized plan would have levied $15.4 billion in new taxes on Canadian industries that produce high carbon emissions and used the proceeds to cut taxes for people facing higher energy costs and other rising prices.

Wall said it wasn't clear how the tax would work or how it would affect Saskatchewan.

"That was a particular concern we had, but nobody's advocating for that now it doesn't appear," Wall said Monday.

The premier, whose Saskatchewan Party follows a conservative philosophy, said he prefers Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s environmental stance over his predecessor's.

"He came out and was quite supportive of the Canadian oilsands and the Canadian energy sector — highlighting it as a strength of our country, and it is," Wall said. "We have the answer to the world's energy security questions and I thought that was helpful."

Nonetheless, Wall said the Conservative candidate in his southwestern Saskatchewan riding will get his vote on May 2.