A well-known internet phone company is the latest to offer local residential phone service in Saskatchewan.

Vonage Canada said Wednesday it's launching digital home service in Regina and Saskatoon.

The company's basic monthly plan gives residential customers 500 minutes of outbound calls to anywhere in the U.S.or Canada for about $20. Inbound calls are unlimited.

The company says people will be able to switch from another phone company and keep the number they've had for years.Vonage also says their phone serviceallows people to get calls to their local phone number anywhere around the worldvia computer.

Vonage, a U.S. company with its Canadian subsidiary based in Mississauga, Ont., had previously started selling its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service to most other provinces. Until now, anyone buying Vonage in Saskatchewan had to settle for a phone with an out-of-province area code.

Until last fall, province-owned SaskTel had 100 per cent of the local residential market in Saskatchewan, but then Shaw Communications in Saskatoon and Access Communications in Regina introduced their own digital phone service.