Volunteers band together to rebuild Regina Beach pier

The lakeside resort town of Regina Beach should have a rebuilt pier by the fall, as volunteers work to repair flood damage to the original pier.

Resort town's pier had been damaged by floods in 2011

Volunteers work on rebuilding the pier at Regina Beach. (CBC)

Three years after being damaged by flood waters, the main pier at a Saskatchewan resort town is getting a facelift.

A group of about 10 local volunteers in Regina Beach, about 55 kilometres northwest of Regina, are working to rebuild the pier, which was washed out during flooding in 2011.

Kirby Onishenko, one of the volunteers, says he's keeping a small piece of the original dock, which he believes was almost 90 years old when the floods hit.

"There was a lot of boathouses floating across the lake," said Onishenko. "Maybe it was time for it to go."

He says the piece of wood he collected will sit on a shelf in his home to preserve memories, including summers of swimming and jumping from the pier.

The team of volunteers, which includes Regina Beach's mayor Cameron Hart, hope the new pier on Last Mountain Lake will be ready by the fall.