The family that owns the Vintage Vinyl and Hemp Emporium in Regina is facing drug-related charges.

Police announced the charges in a news release issued Sunday, following up on raids conducted Friday at a business on 11th Avenue in Regina's downtown and a private residence in Regina.

The people charged are Dale Baumet and his partner Jocelyne Fafard, both 52; their daughter Janelle Baumet, 24; and their son Dylan Baumet, 22.

Another person charged, Collin Middleton, 36, is associated with the 11th Avenue business as store manager.

Police claimed their raids uncovered many items linked to the production of marijuana, including 104 marijuana plants and 34 kilograms of cannabis.

They said they also found hash oil, magic mushrooms, LSD tabs and a rifle.

Everyone charged has been released from custody.

Janelle Baumet faces a single charge of possession of marijuana.

Everyone else was charged with a long list of more serious offences relating to allegations of drug trafficking.