Cardboard cut-outs around the city of Regina are calling attention to a local vigil in recognition of a grave national problem.

Red Silhouette, Regina, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

A cardboard cut-out is seen in front of Regina City Hall, raising awareness of a vigil on Saturday. (Facebook)

The Missing and Murdered Persons vigil is taking place on Saturday at around 12 p.m. CST in Angel Square, which is located between Dewdney Avenue and 8th Avenue near Montague Street. 

Information posted to the red cut-outs references a May 2014 RCMP report, which accounted for more than 1,180 missing or murdered indigenous women in Canada since 1980.

The event's Facebook page shows images of the art installations in front of such downtown locations as city hall and the Globe Theatre.

People are encouraged to share images of the silhouettes on social media ahead of a national roundtable about the issue in Ottawa on Feb. 27.

The organizers are hoping to pressure Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall into pushing for more action at that meeting.


Angel Square, Regina

This map shows the location of Angel Square, which is situated near the Territorial Administration Building on the 3300 block of Dewdney Avenue. (Google Maps)