Saskatoon police have finished putting video cameras in their cars — something they hope will help them do their jobs better and resolve some police-citizen disputes.

The video cameras, including front-facing ones pointing outside and rear-facing cameras that show what's happening inside the vehicle, were installed in police cars starting last fall.

The police service said Wednesday that all 54 cars have now been equipped to record video and audio. The total cost was $750,000.

"We pull a car over, we have evidence, video, and our police officers also have microphones on, so we have the audio and video of the whole event," Saskatoon police chief Clive Weighill said.

Weighill said he expects the cameras will help resolve many "he-said-she-said" issues that confront police.  

"If we do arrest somebody, it'll be documented right up to the point they're in detention and lodged in a cell," he said.