The province says almost 80 per cent of this year's harvest is now complete and farmers say new technology is making the difference. 

"It actually makes spraying a little bit better, considering we have to do it so much," David Purcell explains. 

The computer and GPS on his sprayer measure every drop and every pass on his fields west of Saskatoon. 

This year Purcell used triple the fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide from previous years.

"Changing your sprays just cause there's getting to be some resistant weeds out there," he said. 

"So you change your groups of your herbicides. A lot of the technical aspect is taking a major role these days I find."

The combine Purcell uses is completely automated, right down to the steering. Even the bins have sensors warning him if the grain gets too hot. 

"Everything across the farm, across the board this year beat all other years combined," said Purcell. "I thought two years ago was great. This year was quite a shock. And very exciting." 

If the weather and the technology co-operate Purcell hopes next year will be just as successful.