Have you ever looked at a City of Regina flower bed and wondered what type of flowers are growing in it?

Russ Eirich, manager of forestry, pest control and horticulture for the city, says they have added all their flowers to a global information system.

Eirich said the city has used the technology internally for a while and decided to open it up to the public.

Now, residents can look up a specific flower bed using an online map and find the names of the flower varieties, along with photos.

"People ask us and we're trying to just educate them a little bit on what we have done out there," Eirich told CBC News. "They might want to apply it into their yards. This is just a way of providing them some easy information."

Regina flowers at central park

City gardeners planted 35,000 flowers throughout the city this year, Erlich says. (CBC News)

Eirich said his team planted 35,000 flowers throughout the city this year at City Hall, Central Park and cemeteries.

'Frost showcase'

During fall clean up, Eirich said, every flower bed is usually completely cleaned out, but this year they are going to leave some of the tall plants standing to catch water and become what he called a "frost showcase."

"As we get into the colder months and we start to get some frost, you're going to get a bit of a different type of display," Eirich said.

He also said a few of the flowers on College Avenue and Albert Street will turn a bright red as fall takes over.

The city's interactive flower map is available on the City of Regina website.

Purple flowers at Regina's central park

The app, which has been used by city staff for some time, is designed to answer questions frequently asked by residents, Eirich says (CBC News)