No radioactivity has been detected at the scene of a Saskatchewan highway crash where uranium spilled on Monday, the province says.

The accident happened on Highway 4, about 10 kilometres north of Swift Current, Sask.

A tractor-trailer carrying 63 drums of uranium concentrate, also known as yellowcake, spilled a small part of its load.

The stretch of highway was cordoned off and a hazmat team was brought in to clean up the spill.

Crane moves damaged uranium container at Swift Current, Sask.

A crane was brought in to remove a damaged container that contained uranium. (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

On Wednesday morning, the provincial government said the container with the uranium has been successfully loaded into a larger container and secured.

A scan for contamination in the area of the crash was performed and no radioactive product was detected, the government said.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission said it had inspectors onsite and the cleanup is complete.

The truck was heading across the country to a refinery in Blind Lake, Ont.

The contents will now be trucked to northern Saskatchewan for repackaging before continuing east.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will be holding a public meeting in Ottawa on Jan. 28 to discuss the accident.