The Unslut Project screened at University of Regina

The documentary The Unslut Project was screened at the University of Regina last night as part of International Women's Day and among those in attendance was its director Emily Lindin.

Documentary discusses how slut shaming, sexual bullying villainizes women

Emily Lindin is the director and founder of "The Unslut Project." (Glenn Reid )

A film that attacks "slut shaming" was screened at the University of Regina last night. 

It's called The Unslut Project and director Emily Lindin was present for the screening. 

The film tells both Lindin's personal story and that of others who have overcome sexual bullying and slut shaming.

"I think female sexuality has been villainized in some cases, really criminalized. Girls think they're worthless if they're labelled a slut," Lindin said. 

In a perfect world, she said, the word slut shouldn't even be considered an insult because there should be nothing shameful about being comfortable with your sexuality. 

"I don't think that a slut is a thing that a woman can be. We don't need to define people according to that type of label," Lindin said. 

The event also included a discussion on slut shaming, sexual assault and sexual harassment. 

Lindin has also written a book on the subject, titled Unslut, a Diary and a Memoir.

The event was facilitated by the University of Regina's Women's Centre, as part of International Women's Day. 


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