RCMP Sgt. Warren Gherasim says people who are in the habit of leaving their doors unlocked might want to rethink that. (CBC)

A Saskatchewan RCMP officer who's originally from Toronto says he's dumbfounded that more people in this province don't lock their doors.

"There seems to be a general malaise amongst the members of our communities in terms of their willingness to protect their own property,' RCMP Sgt. Warren Gherasim told Blue Sky host Garth Materie.

Gherasim, who's based in Warman, a bedroom community of Saskatoon, says too many people are simply leaving their doors unlocked or are leaving the keys easily accessible.

Gherasim has lived in Saskatchewan for several years, but grew up in Toronto, where he says pretty much everyone locked their doors at all times.

The unlocked door might be one of the hallmarks of rural life in Saskatchewan, but the population is booming and formerly small towns like Warman and Martensville have become cities, he noted.

"That small town Saskatchewan attitude where 'I can trust my neighbours' — well, you can still probably trust your neighbours, but it's all the other elements that come in that are not your neighbours that you need to be more concerned about." 

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