A former Regina man found guilty of spreading hate last year is being compensated for statements made about him on a university website.

Outspoken anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott, who has been spending time in Edmonton in recent months, was cited by a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission tribunal in 2005 for distributing leaflets in Regina and Saskatoon that said, among other things, that gay men are "sodomites" and homosexual relations are "filthy."

In 2004, the University of Regina hosted a symposium focusing on education and social justice for gay and lesbian youth. A statement on the U of R website promoting the event said Whatcott "advocates that all 'sodomites' should be killed."

Whatcott launched a libel claim against the U of R and he received an out-of-court settlement.

Neither side is dislosing how much money he received.

"It is most ironic that an institution like a university which is supposed to be the one institution that would be the most open to ideas, and the most tolerant of other people would be the one that is so intolerant of any that criticizes their mindset," Whatcott's lawyer Tom Schuck said.

The university case is one of several civil cases Schuck is fighting for Whatcott.

Schuck is also appealing the human rights tribunal decision which ordered Whatcott to pay more than $17,000 to the people who launched the claim.