The United Food and Commercial Workers Union has posted a video to Facebook showing a confrontation at a Regina hotel where some workers have been on a picket line since December.

"I have seen the video and unfortunately the employer here decided to physically put his hands on some of our members," Glenn Stewart, a representative for the UFCW, said.

The video was taken Feb. 12 at the Best Western Seven Oaks Hotel and shows an encounter when people were told to leave the property and what ensued as they interacted with the owner of the hotel.

The UFCW's Facebook post urged viewers to support the workers.

CBC News contacted the owner of the business, Glenn Weir, who said he was advised not to comment on the video or the incident but he claimed the people in the video were not employees of the hotel.

video best western seven oaks

The UFCW recorded video of a confrontation at a Regina hotel Feb. 12. An edited version of the video was posted to Facebook where viewers were urged to support workers who have been on strike at the Best Western Seven Oaks. (UFCW/Facebook)

While the encounter took place two weeks ago, Stewart said the union decided to post the video this week.

"We thought that people ought to know about this especially since yesterday being an anti-bullying day," he said.

According to Stewart, the hotel owner had recently shown support for the anti-bullying message. "The employer posted a picture of himself on his video screen wearing a pink shirt saying 'No bullying' and so on. And yet a couple weeks ago he did exactly that."

Regina police said they have responded to several calls to the picket line, since it went up, and all complaints are investigated.