One bar owner in Portal, North Dakota says he's benefiting from Canadian shoppers buying holiday gifts on websites that don't deliver in Canada.

Ed Kramer, better known to many as "Fast Eddy," offers his bar, the Outback Saloon, as a shipping address for hundreds of Canadians seeking deals across the international border.

"We're open from seven in the morning until 12 at night and that's what these people like," said Kramer. "They can zoom down in the evening, pick up their packages...get here early in the morning."

Kramer charges $3 to $4 dollars to receive and store each of the parcels, depending on the size of the package.

Portal is an American town that borders Saskatchewan, about 240 kilometres southeast of Regina.

There are about 400 registered P.O. boxes in Portal, a town of about 120 people.

Postal workers that work in town told CBC News that along with buying Christmas gifts, Canadians are using the boxes for U.S. cellphone plans and Netflix.


Eddy Kramer says he gets hundreds of packages going through his bar during the Christmas season.

Jason Everett, a superintendent with the Canadian Border Services Agency, has some advice for shoppers coming to collect their packages: Make sure what's in your post office box is what you ordered, and print your receipt before making the trip stateside.

"Most of these shipping companies don't include a receipt in the box when they send it to the P.O. box, so a lot of the time people are arriving with no receipts and we really like to see those receipts," said Everett. "It helps speed up the process."

Kramer said about 1,000 packages go through his bar during the holidays, and he stores them in an open area at the back of the bar until people come to pick them up.

Having the packages in view, help him keep an eye on things, he said.

"Take a chance. If you mail it here, it'll be here. That's all I can tell ya."