Nan & Hope & the 99 Year Old Kiss UofS

The image which inspired the Greystone tour was taken in 1914 behind the Saskatchewan Hall residence. The photo features Annie (Nan) McKay and another woman known only as "Hope" kissing. (University of Saskatchewan )

People at the University Saskatchewan are getting a chance to walk through the corridors of the past in a special tour around campus. 

It's called Greystone Secrets: A Queerstorical Campus Walking Tour and it commemorates the struggles and victories of sexual gender diversity at the university. 

The event is partially inspired by a photograph which has become the poster image for the tour called the 99-year-old kiss. 

"It features two women kissing in 1914," said Joe Wickenhauser, the event coordinator. "So once we saw that we knew it was a great thing that not a lot of people might have known about and we just wanted to share that with as many people as we could."

Speakers, including Wickenhauser, are taking people around campus showing them where certain historical moments happened for the LGBT community. 

"I've achieved a greater appreciation for the people who are in our community who have done just incredible things," said Wickenhauser. "And a greater sense of, you know, where we've come from and where we could go." 

People in Saskatoon can still take the tour Sunday. It starts at 3 p.m. CST at the University's Murray Library.