University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine is based in Saskatoon, but also trains doctors in Regina.

Saskatchewan's only school for doctors has been told it has to make changes or be put on probation by a national accreditation body.

Last July, William Albritton, dean of the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, got a letter from the Committee on Accreditation of Canada Medical Schools.

It provided a list of problems that it said would have to be fixed promptly — or else it will "seriously compromise" undergraduate training.

"It's not too surprising because we're doing an awful lot of stuff," Albritton said. "We are increasing our numbers of students. We're distributing our sites. We have internal reorganization with regards to the delivery of the programming."

According to the accreditation body, some professors are having a tough time balancing teaching with treating patients.

There were also problems identified with the facilities in Regina.

Albritton admits the college has growing pains.

If the college is put on probation it would be for the second time since 2002.

"We don't go in a circle but we certainly zigzag. And we certainly make progress. Two steps forward and one step back," he said.

Second-year medical student Melissa Andersen doesn't believe the quality of her education is affected.

"I'm fairly confident that the issues will be addressed," she said.

The college has until next February to meet the first deadline in its action plan.