The day of Pi: University of Regina celebrates Pi Day

The University of Regina held events for Pi Day, including a pie eating contest and a lecture on the Mayan numerical system.

Math department co-hosts event, includs a lecture and all you can eat pie

The University of Regina hosting an event to mark Pi Day. (Brian Rodgers)

Mathletes and number lovers everywhere, today is your day  it's Pi Day. 

The University of Regina held a Pi Day celebration at the University of Regina this afternoon. 

The event was co-hosted by the Mathematics and Statistics Department and the Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Statistics Student Society. (Brian Rodgers)

That's right – an entire afternoon dedicated to all-things-Pi. 

Students and faculty members at the Pi Day event at the U of R. (Brian Rodgers )

Including a pie eating contest. 

How far can you recite pi? Apple, cherry, blueberry, pecan, peach ... (Brian Rodgers)

And a lecture by Dr. Hugo Rodriguez Ordonez on the mathematics of Mayan numbers. 

Dr. Hugo Rodriguez Ordonez gave a lecture on the Mayan numerical system. (Brian Rodgers)

No Pi Day is complete without a math joke, so here is our favourite: 

Why couldn't the angle get a loan?

Because his parents wouldn't Cosine! 


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