Dave Taylor u of r cougars basketball

U of R women's basketball head coach Dave Taylor has been quarantined for three weeks due to a risk of measles. (University of Regina)

Dave Taylor, head coach of the University of Regina's women's basketball program, is spending the next three weeks at home under quarantine due to a risk associated with measles.

"I feel great," Taylor told CBC Radio host Craig Lederhouse of The Afternoon Edition Thursday. "There's been a little frustration, a little angry, but health wise - fine."

While Taylor, 46,  is currently symptom-free, he remains at risk for red measles.

"I've been in direct contact with one of the confirmed cases of measles," Taylor explained. He also had a blood test done and learned he lacked immunity to the measles, putting him in the risk category for contracting or spreading the disease. A vaccination now would not be of any immediate benefit.

He also learned he could not go to work for three weeks, a preventive measure just in case he does have the measles. He has been at home since Wednesday.

"You obviously want to contain it, and I fully support the public health officials for those steps," he added. Taylor said he thought he would have immunity because he has been diligent about being up to date with shots, but the blood work showed otherwise. He said his experience shows the importance of vaccinations.

"That's why people need to get vaccinations," he said. "There is a ripple effect and I'm certainly a victim of the ripple effect."

He said he quickly got in touch with his assistant coach, Carly Graham to work out plans for upcoming matches. The women's basketball team was on its way to Winnipeg for a series of games against the University of Manitoba.

"We're down to our last four weekends, we've got eight games left and I'll miss six," he said. "We're in a pretty big fight for first place."

As of Thursday, the U of R was in a three-way tie for first place in its division.

"These games have a big impact in terms of -- are we at home in playoffs -- or are we going on the road," he said.

Taylor said if he does not come down with the measles he expects he'll occupy his time trying to contribute to the basketball program, remotely.

"Watching video tape, talking to my assistant coach and stuff like that," Taylor said.

Taylor is in his eighth season as the Cougars' head coach.

After the games this weekend in Manitoba, the Cougars hit the road again for games in B.C., before hosting the University of Calgary on Feb. 7 and 8.