U of R basketball coach on the rebound after measles

University of Regina basketball coach Dave Taylor says he's glad to be over the measles.

University of Regina basketball coach Dave Taylor is bouncing back after coming down with the measles.

The illness has been virtually unheard of in Saskatchewan for a long time, but this year there's been an outbreak.

There have been 10 cases confirmed, nine of them in Regina or the area. 

All of them are connected to the original two cases involving families that flew to Regina from the Philippines early in January.

Taylor, who coaches the Cougars women's team, was one of the unlucky ones.

He contracted the virus several weeks ago and had to go into quarantine. He became sick last Saturday.

"It's a little bit like having the flu without the throwing up but you're just completely worn out," he said. "High fever and just run right down and just not much energy, that's the biggest thing."

Taylor says the best defence is a vaccination against the virus.

"If people aren't vaccinated I don't think they really realize that as much as they want to say 'It's a personal choice' ... the ripple effect outward affects a lot of people," he said. "The higher rate we get the vaccinations, we eliminate a lot of those problems."

While he was out of action, assistant coach Carly Graham filled in, winning all four games. Now, Taylor is back. 

The measles left blemishes on his face, but he's past the infectious part of the illness and his doctor cleared him for a return to coaching.

The Cougars host the University of Calgary on Friday and Saturday night.