It's been two years since the bodies of a Burmese family were found in a Regina home, but police are saying the case hasn't gone cold.

No arrests have been made in the triple homicide of Gray Nay Htoo, his wife Maw Maw and three-year-old son Seven June.

It remains the worst multiple killing in Regina's history. The youngest victim would have been getting ready for kindergarten this fall.

"It was a terrible event," said Elizabeth Popowich, spokesperson for Regina Police. "A violent crime that took the lives of three people and we know that the community is anxious to help in any way they can."

Police aren't talking about further leads, but Popowich says it's still very much an active case.

Early on, neighbours were asked to fill out a questionnaire as part of the investigation. Police also asked for leads online in Karen, the victims' native language.

Four months after, police said they were watching two people but not calling them suspects.

There are still two investigators working full-time on the case, said Popowich.

"They're very diligent about protecting the integrity of the investigation," she said. "So they don't share a lot of information."