Many local newspapers struggle with slow news days, but the Battlefords News-Optimist made some news itself this week with a front-page article that was remarkable for its candor.

"To be truthful, there isn't really anything happening in the news this week," the paper said in its above-the-fold story on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

"Not that it isn't worth picking up the paper, there are some interesting items inside. But, it's January, the weather has taken a nasty turn and there just isn't much happening," the article with a "staff" byline said.

The article went on to say that there was a dumpster fire on the weekend, and a few false alarms, but otherwise ... super-slow.

Twitter users had a collective chuckle.

North Battleford's Rylee Schumacher shared a photo of the front page.

John Bowman noted there was more inside.

The tweets really picked up after Buzzfeed wrote about it.

One commenter noted that it happened the same day PostMedia was laying off 90 journalists.

Fortunately for the News-Optimist and local journalists, things later picked up.

The paper's website reported Tuesday that the fire department was called after a half-ton truck struck a power pole Monday in the city of North Battleford.

There was also an unexpected closure of the post office in the town of Battleford.

The city of North Battleford, population of about 14,000, and the town of Battleford, population of about 4,000, are collectively known as the Battlefords.

The communities are located about 130 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.