Turkey's ambassador to Canada, Tuncay Babali, visited Saskatchewan Monday and Tuesday. (CBC)

Turkey's ambassador to Canada visited Saskatchewan this week. It's Tuncay Babali's first trip out of Ottawa since being appointed five months ago.

Babali said he wanted to visit the province because Turkey is a European leader in agriculture exports and sees a lot of agri-business opportunities with this province.

"Turkey is number one in terms of agricultural production in Europe and seventh in the world," he said. "Our agri-business exports is just growing. Saskatchewan has a lot to offer in that field."

Babali said he is also very interested in mining technology that is being developed here.

He was also keen to learn more about Saskatchewan's shortage of skilled workers.

"The province's immigration policy is not known very much in countries like mine," Babali said. "So ... we should fill the gap of information."

He said there may be ways Turkey can work with Saskatchewan to address some of the worker shortages.

On Tuesday, the ambassador spoke about foreign affairs at the University of Regina. He also had a private dinner with Turkish immigrants living in Regina.

He heads to Manitoba on Wednesday and plans to return to Saskatchewan in May.

With files from CBC's Kent Morrison