Bandura family at wedding

John Bandura insisted going to his son's wedding, even though he was seriously injured in a fall. (Bandura family)

They got him to the church on time, even if John Bandura was injured, on a gurney, and wearing a neck brace.

Thanks to his own determination and a helpful ambulance crew, Bandura made it to his son and daughter-in-law's July 19 nuptials.

Shortly before the ceremony, the Rose Valley, Sask., man had been cleaning up a tractor that was going to be in the wedding procession.

But then disaster struck. Bandura fell, receiving serious injuries.

His wife Liz said he was rushed to a nearby rural hospital, but his injuries were severe enough to make it necessary to go to Saskatoon.

With the clocking ticking down, he pleaded for the EMS crew and doctors to allow him to take a detour.

Permission was given and Bandura attended the ceremony on a stretcher.

"At least he was there," Liz said. "He was very heavily sedated mind you. But he does remember bits and pieces. And they did get some photo ops right after the ceremony."

Liz said her husband is still recovering in hospital.