Tuition is going up at the University of Saskatchewan — by an average of 4.4 per cent.

Specific changes for 2012-13 academic year depend on the program, however. Some students at the Saskatoon-based university can expect a virtual freeze while others will see their costs rise by about 16 per cent.

A typical undergraduate in an arts and science program will see tuition and student fees rising to $5,948 from $5,716, a four per cent hike.

Dentistry students will continue to pay the most, but their costs will rise by only 0.9 per cent — to $33,718 from $33,689.

Law students, meanwhile, will be hit with the biggest percentage increase in tuition and fees — just under 16 per cent, rising to $10,658 from $9,219.

The university's board of governors approved the increases earlier this week. They take effect later this year.