A Saskatchewan truck driver is on a mission to find the young woman he credits with saving his life after he was stung by a wasp.

Ron Liebel, who has been on the road for 53 years but recently retired from trucking, occasionally drives for his brother. 

Last week, he was transporting lentil flour to a pelleting plant in Wolseley from Regina along Highway 1 when he spotted a wasp climbing up his window.

He swatted the wasp, and it descended into the gap between the window and the door before emerging again.

He tried hitting it again and that's when things got dangerous.

Ron's truck

Ron Leibel was driving a semi when he went into anaphylactic shock. (Submitted by Annette Leibel)

"It was like a sledge hammer hit my hand. Oh, did it hurt. After that, everything went blurry," Liebel told CBC Radio's The Afternoon Edition.

Liebel said he went into anaphylactic shock. He felt sweaty, dizzy, and his vision began to blur. He also had trouble breathing and his chest and hand were sore.

"I thought I had stopped on the side of the road but the paramedics said I drove off the road into the median," Liebel said.

He had fallen between the driver and passenger seats, unable to move. The truck landed in the highway median about six kilometres from Indian Head.

That's when a young woman who saw what had happened called 911.

"This young lady apparently saw him go into the ditch and tried to arouse him," said Liebel's wife, Annette.

"But if it wasn't for her this would be a totally different outcome," she said. "If it wasn't for her, we would be at a funeral. Would someone else have stopped with Ron between the highways? And because she was there as soon as he hit the ditch, that saved his life."

According to Ron, paramedics told him he didn't have a pulse when they arrived on scene. They put an oxygen mask on him and he came to. They transported him to the Indian Head Union Hospital for treatment.

The Liebels would like to like to find the woman who called 911. 

"She is a hero in our eyes because Ron wouldn't be here right now," Annette said.

They are both hoping they can find her and thank her for her good deed and are asking her to get in touch with them by email.