A new  arts and music festival debuts in Regina Saturday, with a special dedication to a man who was planning to be part of the festivities.

Nick Phongsavath died last month at Pemberton Music Festival in B.C. 

Before his death, the Regina man was part of the group organizing the Trifecta Music Festival in Regina.

“Nick was always that kind of guy, he was always down to do something,” said Phongsavath’s friend Marvin Chan. “He was always down for the adventure. He was never a maybe guy. He was always the yes guy.”

The Saturday festival will feature more than just music. It contains many different aspects of the arts scene, including photography, painting, dancing, yoga and slacklining, which involves walking on a loose band connected to two trees.

It was the slacklining portion that Phongsavath was planning and it will continue in the festival in his honour, according Chan who is also organizing the event.

“There will be a donation box and beside the donation box there will be his slackline set up and one that fitness warehouse donated in his name,” Chan told CBC News.

The festival starts at 3 p.m. CST and runs until 11 p.m. at Regina City Square Plaza. There is no cost to attend.