banjo bowl

Chris Walby, left, and David Black are participating in a travel promotion dubbed The Banjo Bowl Fan Cruise. (Submitted to CBC)

A Winnipeg travel agent has put together a cruise package for fans of the rivalry between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers — a Banjo Bowl cruise of the Caribbean with on-board celebrity guests associated with the teams.

Christine Ward, of Ixtapa Travel, developed the concept.

The ship will embark from Miami, Feb. 6 of 2016 for a one-week cruise visiting places like Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.

"It's a fan cruise," Ward told CBC Radio's Craig Lederhouse of The Afternoon Edition, Thursday. "I wanted to do something that was totally different and we thought, you know, the fans of both the Bombers and the Roughriders are such great fans, we should get them together and have a bit of fun together."

The special guests on the cruise are Chris Walby and David Black, for their connections to the Bombers, and Rod Pedersen and Carm Carteri for their links to the Riders.

Ward said she was inspired, in part, by the name for the second contest in what has become a tradition of back-to-back games between the clubs in September — the Banjo Bowl.

"Of course, Troy Westwood was the person that first coined the phrase 'Banjo Bowl.' And I thought what a great name for a cruise and what a good excuse to get together and have a lot of fun," she said.

Ward said she has already sold 40 per cent of the space allocated for the cruise.