The RCMP in North Battleford, Sask. are tracking a pig carcass in the South Saskatchewan River hoping the data will help them find missing people that may have gone into the water.

Police have teamed up with University of Saskatchewan Professor Ernie Walker for the experiment.

"The idea is…using a surrogate, in this case a pig because it approximates a human…get it into the water and see where it goes," said Walker.

The carcass was implanted with a tracking and temperature monitoring device before it was placed in the river.

Police are hoping that tracking it while it floats with the current will help predict where a missing person may end up.

"We might be able to develop or predict a model that if the individual went in at this location, at this time of the year, with this kind of flow regime where might we expect to find that set of remains," said Walker.

According to the Association of Chiefs of Police there are currently 114 cases of missing people in Saskatchewan that have not been solved — the majority of which are men.

"Over the years I've identified a number individuals that have been recovered from the North Saskatchewan or South Saskatchewan...but we do know of other individual who have gone in the water who have not been recovered," said Walker.

He said the pig carcass may be left in the water over the winter months and recovered next spring.