Tatiana Maslany interviewed by Conan O'Brien

Tatiana Maslany told Conan O'Brien her home town of Regina would probably be too cold for zombies to function. (Conan website)

Talk show host Conan O'Brien has been talking to Regina actress Tatiana Maslany about her home town including its supposed status as a good place to be during a zombie apocalypse.

On Tuesday night, the star of TV's Orphan Black was asked by O'Brien about a recent CBC News article identifying Regina as Canada's second-most zombie-proof city (after St. John's) in Canada.

Why Regina? O'Brien asked.

Maslany replied it was likely because of the weather.

"It's freezing, freezing cold," she said. "I would assume ... even zombies couldn't operate in those conditions."

Maslany said despite spending much time on TV sets these days, she still considers Regina her home.