Regina flooding skpic

Heavy rain flooded Regina streets on the weekend. (Arielle Zerr/CBC)

Officials are offering a few tips (and making some requests) to people affected by basement flooding:

  • SaskEnergy is asking anyone with a flooded basement to call them right away, so service technicians can safely shut off natural gas. 
  • Regina fire officials say they're hoping the overworked water treatment systems can catch up if people continue to hold off on flushing toilets and taking showers.
  • Firefighters are also asking that people stay out of flooded areas because the water can be fast-moving and unpredictable. 
  • The Regina Chamber of Commerce is advising people with flooded basements due to rain to call the city about it. They will need the information to apply for the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program.
  • People with rainwater seepage are also advised to call their insurance agents to see if they are covered. Most likely, if it's seepage, there's no coverage, but a letter of refusal from an insurance company may be required for compensation down the road.
  • It's a good idea to take lots of photos of flood problems: water in the basement, water being pumped out and anything that has been damaged.