Timeshare company will pursue fees despite court ruling

A B.C. court has set aside a ruling that allowed a timeshare company to charge owners a controversial renovation fee.

Hundreds of timeshare owners, including many from Sask. have contested the fees

Despite a ruling against them, a B.C. timeshare resort says it will keep trying collect a controversial renovation fee from homeowners.

The B.C. Court of Appeal has set aside a lower court ruling that initially allowed the timeshare company to collect thousands of dollars from timeshare owners, including many that live in Saskatchewan.

In 2009 the original timeshare ownership went bankrupt and was taken over by a company called Northwynd. The new company upped the maintenance fees soon after it took over, and in 2013 informed timeshare owners that at least $28 million in renovations were necessary.

Timeshare owners were told they could pay the renovation fees, in some cases more than $6,000 per owner; or cancel their contract with the resort, resulting a bill for cancellation.

Timeshare owners took the matter to court last year.

In the original ruling, a lower court judge ruled resort ownership could go ahead with the renovation project and pass the costs off to the timeshare owners without consulting them about renovations.

The Court of Appeal for British Columbia ruled this past week to set aside that original decision. 

Kirk Wankel of Northwynd said the company will get legal advice before determining its next steps, but will continue to pursue timeshare owners for either renovation or cancellation fees.

with files from CBC's Kathy Fitzpatrick