Thousands of people packed into the Art Hauser Centre Saturday night in Prince Albert for an annual amateur boxing tournament.

R U Tuff Enuff arranges fights between two people who have never fought in a sanctioned event before.

After weeks of training Jeremiah Hill won the Lightweight Championship and $2,000.

He needed to win three fights to capture the title — he said the first fight was the hardest.

"That guy hit hard," Hill told CBC News.

 "Second guy, that was redemption, because he was the one who beat me last year, that felt really good. And then the third guy, I was like, 'I'm not going this far and losing,'" he said.

On the women's side, Staci Obchanski beat three other women Saturday night to win the title.

She says she plans to continue boxing beyond the Tuff Enuff event.

"I want to see my name in lights," Obchanski said.

"I want to inspire others. I came from being a certified couch potato to a 'get in the ring and give her hell' kind of girl. I want other people, especially women, to know that it's doable," she said.