Thousands attend Sask. Remembrance Day ceremonies

In Regina, Saskatoon and various communities around the province, people turned out Monday to remember those who made the supreme sacrifice.

Many at services in -20C weather

Thousands of people attended Remembrance Day ceremonies in Regina, Saskatoon and other communities. (CBC)

In Regina, Saskatoon and various communities around the province, people turned out Monday to remember those who made the supreme sacrifice.

In Regina, the Remembrance Day ceremony was held indoors at the Brandt Centre and outdoors as well as at the cenotaph at Victoria Park, where the temperature was in the -20 C range.

In Saskatoon, indoor observances for an estimated crowd of 9,000 were held at Credit Union Centre. 

Lt. Cole Janett was at the ceremony in Saskatoon.

Janett spent the past four months in Kabul, Afghanistan, training border police in that country.

His thoughts were about other veterans who served as well as his own friends who are still overseas.

"We have the old guard out here that we all respect and have for many years," Janett said. "And they obviously did a lot for our country and for the world in general. I guess now that I have friends, that I know, friends that are still over there. That's where my mind kind of goes on a day like today."

Janett hopes more young people will be moved to enlist.

"There's a group of people out here that strive for a greater good, and maybe they see something too that they want to join one day," he said. "I know when I was even younger in my cadet period I looked up to the people out there. And it was a big part of me joining the forces and doing what I do today."

There were also hundreds who attended an outdoor ceremony in Saskatoon's Montgomery Place neighbourhood, which was created in the 1940s for returning veterans, as a new memorial was unveiled.

In Regina around  300 people gathered in Victoria Park for a chilly Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph.

"I had two uncles that were in the war. Both survived but have now passed on," Ron Hunter said. "So I think about them and the toils they went through and the different things that they experienced and how hard it was."

Here is a selection of images from the ceremonies:


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