People in Saskatchewan who were disappointed by the rainy weekend are probably not going to like the next few days.

Some areas could see as much as 90 millimetres by Wednesday, CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland says.

"Over the next few days we are looking to see some fairly heavy rain through southern Saskatchewan and the potential for, locally, some very heavy rain," Scotland said.

That follows a weekend where rain fell in Regina (about 9 mm), Saskatoon (about 14 mm) and many other areas.

Assiniboia, which got about 14 mm on Sunday, could see as much as 80 mm more by Wednesday.

Estevan could see as much as 90 mm.

Regina could see anywhere between 40 mm to 80 mm. 

Saskatoon will see more rain, too, although less than southern Saskatchewan — 20 to 30 mm is in the forecast over the next few days.