A Moose Jaw man laced up a pair of skates and did a fast jaunt down the main drag of Moose Jaw, Sask., earlier this week — creating a video answer to the question "How cold is it?"

"We thought it would be good conditions out there and why not try it and see what happens," Matt Dombowsky, who recorded the video of his brother Mark, told CBC News Wednesday.

"We thought it would be funny," he said when asked why they tried it. "You know, in Moose Jaw you can practically skate on any street. But we thought it would be funny to showcase Main Street."

The video, posted to the social media site Instagram, has caught the attention of many for its keen sense of winter in Canada.

"He's skating right by Tim Hortons, so it's the great Canadian dream of what we live for," Dombowsky said. "Cold winters and skating."

He noted it was smooth glide for this brother, considering the surface was a roadway.

"The streets are about two or three inches thick [with ice]," Dombowsky said. "So he's got a lot of play there."

The skate lasted for less than a minute and covered about one block of ground, but Dombowsky said his brother could have ventured almost anywhere in the city.

"You can turn down almost any street and he's be still skating away," he said.

Years ago, Dombowsky said, he and his brother actually would put on their skates at the house and make their way to the local rink.