Police are warning people who own Ford F350 trucks of a potential vulnerability in the vehicles making it easier for thieves to steal them.

An investigation is underway after two trucks were stolen from towns near Saskatoon Tuesday morning. The crooks tried to seal a third truck, but were unsuccessful. Police said they believe the thefts are related.

The first was a black 2006 F350 taken from 1st Street East in Langham, Sask. The second is made in the same year and blue in colour  — stolen from 1st Street in Osler, Sask.

The thieves also tried to steal a Ford Mustang by drilling a hole into the door, but were not able to get inside.

Police are encouraging owners of F350 Ford trucks, especially those made in 2006 or 2005, to use a secondary means of protection such as a steering wheel lock. People are also being asked to see the manufacturer or dealer for recommendations on what to do to protect against thefts.

Anyone with information about the stolen vehicles is asked to contact police.