An art installation called the Witness Blanket is now on display at the University of Regina.   

The large work is the creation of Carey Newman, a first nations artist from B.C. whose father was a residential school survivor.

Newman's work has 800 items and artifacts, including many items taken from students who attended the schools.

Blair Stonechild, a Regina professor and a residential school survivor, was one of several people who spoke Friday about the installation.

"In some ways, the schools are sort of out of sight out of mind," Stonechild said. "But you now the fact is that they still live very much in the experiences of the students right? ... And they need to, be in the consciousness of the public."

witness blanket

An exhibit currently at the University of Regina is made up of 800 artifacts. It is called the Witness Blanket and includes pieces of indigenous culture that were taken from students who attended Indian Residential Schools. (CBC)

The installation, which was a joint effort of the University of Regina and the First Nations University of Canada will be on exhibit at the U of R's Research and Innovation Centre until Feb. 27.