The snowball that ate Saskatoon

If you took all the snow that has fallen in Saskatoon this winter and made it into a giant snowball, it would be taller than the CN Tower.

Imagine if all that snow was rolled into giant snow boulders

No doubt, it's been a wicked winter in Saskatchewan — snow piles are everywhere and the roofs are groaning with the white stuff.

Among Saskatchewan's major cities, Regina has been hit the hardest with 140 centimetres of snow.

As of Feb. 6, Prince Albert had been hammered with 129 centimetres, while Saskatoon was digging its way through an accumulated 100 centimetres.

So let's do a little thought experiment: If we were to gather all the snow in each of those cities, how big of a snowball could we make?

Below, you'll see the result —one massive snowball for each of our three biggest cities.

Toronto's CN Tower, Canada's tallest building, is shown for comparison.