Teletoon greenlights Regina mob cartoon

An animated comedy about a former New York mob boss trying to build a new life in Regina will go into full production.

The big-shot Falcones become the regular-folk MacDougalls ... or do they?

An animated comedy about a former New York mob boss trying to build a new life in Regina will go into full production.

The creators of Fugget About It have been signed to deliver 13 episodes to the specialty channel Teletoon for broadcast in the fall of 2012, the network has announced.

"It's a fish-out-of-water story," co-creator Nicholas Tabarrok told CBC News from Los Angeles on Wednesday. "You get this tough, New York mob boss having to make his way in small-town Canada."

The back story to the family's arrival in Regina is straightforward: Jimmy Falcone's uncle is going senile and beginning to blab mob secrets.

Falcone is ordered to rub out his uncle, but refuses and winds up in a witness-protection program that moves the family to Saskatchewan.

"We wanted it to be the heart of Canada, both figuratively and literally," Tabarrok said about choosing the prairie city. "And we wanted it to be as different from New York as possible, yet also still be a small city or town. We didn't think it would work with him being on a farm."

Tabarrok added that Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver were "too big" and the Falcones would have easily blended in.

One running gag for the program will include a verbal miscue by the lead character, Jimmy.

"He continually has trouble pronouncing 'Regina,'" Tabarrok said. Tabarrok also pointed out that the program is aimed at an adult audience and the humour will have an edge to it, similar to current cartoons South Park and Family Guy.

Co-creator from Saskatchewan

His co-creator knows the setting like the back of his hand: screenwriter Willem Wennekers is from Saskatchewan.

The half-hour cartoon will also feature home-grown talent in the voice characterizations.

Jimmy Falcone is being voiced by Toronto native Tony Nappo, whom Tabarrok said provides a very convincing "New York-Italian tough guy voice" and "he lays it on thick."

Tabarrok is from Toronto and has offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.

Production of Fugget About It will be shepherded by Toronto-based 9 Story Entertainment.

Fugget About It was one of 10 finalists in a Teletoon pilot project that attracted over 200 submissions.