Two teenagers who rescued an elderly woman from a raging house fire in Regina Thursday say they do not feel like heroes, although witnesses have praised them for what they did.

Karli Weiss-Delorme and Huey Creely said they just happened to be walking along Lorne Street, when they heard a woman screaming and saw a house on fire.

"We heard someone yell 'Help'. And I seen smoke fly, or like swirling on the windows," Weiss-Delorme recalled Friday. "So I liked pushed him. Like forced him into the house to go get her."

When Creely opened the door, he encountered thick, black smoke and found the woman near the doorway.

"I didn't really feel the push [from Karli]," he said. "I just went in and grabbed her."

The two quickly carried the woman to safety.

"It was pretty much like cradling a big baby," they said.

Fire officials said the woman was in hospital being treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns.

Weiss-Delorme, 18, and Creely, 19, said they are thankful they were able to help.

"I just feel like a normal person," Weiss-Delorme said. "We just did something nice. Like what if we didn't do that? She could have just been gone."

The pair met the woman Friday, in hospital, and brought her flowers.

They said she gave them both a big hug.

"It was emotional for her family," Creely said. "They were all just crying and giving us hugs."

Fire officials say it is not safe for anyone to enter a burning building, but note in this case it may have saved a life.

The cause of the fire was still under investigation.

With files from CBC's Kent Morrison