Teens charged in rural home invasion

Two teenagers have been charged after a home invasion last week at a farmhouse near the village of St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

Two teenagers face charges in connection with a home invasion last week near the village of St. Louis, Saskatchewan, RCMP said Wednesday.

The boys, ages 16 and 14, are from the One Arrow First Nation. Each has been charged with assault causing bodily harm, break and enter, robbery and theft under $5,000.

A 71-year-old grandmother was sleeping at 3:00 in the morning, during the July 14 break-in at her farmhouse, 32 kilometres north of Wakaw.

Helen Doderai said the robbers beat her, put a sack over her head, ransacked her house, cut the phone line, disabled her car, and left her tied up.

When she got free, she drove to a neighbouring farm on her riding lawnmower for help.

Doderai said she takes comfort in the fact that two arrests have been made. Meanwhile, she's still recovering.

"Well, I haven't gone there to sleep at all, yet. Not yet. I think I'm going to wait until I'm really healed good. You know, I'm feeling quite good right now but it still hurts," she said.

Police are still looking for a white GMC pickup truck reported stolen from a residence in Bellevue.

They say the vehicle was likely used in the robbers' getaway.

They're also looking for a third suspect in the break-in.  Doderai has told police she thinks that person was a woman.