Jaidan Lynn Slaferk died in a fall from a catwalk above the stage at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina. (Facebook)

A coroner's jury in Regina has determined a teenager death in a fall from a catwalk at the Conexus Arts was accidental, although several recommendations on event security at the centre were made.

Jaidan Lynn Slaferek, 17, died Jan. 15 after venturing into a backstage area of the centre with friends. The group had been drinking and a pathologist reported Slaferek was severely intoxicated with a blood alcohol content that was four times the legal limit for driving.

The coroner's jury may not make any findings of blame, but can issue recommendations to prevent similar accidents.

In the Slaferek case, the jury made several recommendations relating to security.

For example, companies providing security should have their duties spelled out in writing and they should have more ways to communicate with staff at the centre.

Another set of recommendations concerned ensuring only people who were expected at a function were admitted.

The jury also said the centre should "keep all doors locked that would lead to potential fall hazards [and] post Fall Hazard signs on all doors that directly lead to fall hazard areas."

As well, the jury said the centre should install a house-phone at the stage area and ensure that there is emergency lighting, or emergency flash lights, or direction to light switches, where warranted.

Finally, the jury said all outside doors leading into the facility should be locked and secured when not in use.

Michael Megaw, a lawyer representing the centre, said the centre had already made a number of changes following Slaferek's death.

Nevertheless, he said the centre would be considering the jury's recommendations.

"I thought they gave some excellent recommendations that I will certainly take back," Megaw said. "My client acted on most of those already, and I expect them to act on the balance in due course."

The jury also recommended that when there is drinking at an event, security should approach people who may look underage, and are drinking, and check their ID.

Slaferek's father said he was hoping for more from the jury, relating to alcohol and minors.

"I'm somewhat disappointed we didn't go over to the legal side as far as the underage drinking and providing alcohol to a minor," Rick Slaferek said Friday.

He said he is, nevertheless, satisfied with the recommendations.

He added he will press for harsher penalties for adults who provide alcohol to underage teens.