Job action will continue next week in the contract dispute involving the province's 12,000 teachers, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation says.

Starting Monday, and continuing indefinitely, teachers will be withdrawing all voluntary services outside of school hours.

That means, for example, no extra curricular activities and no coaching of sports teams.

Notices sent by the STF to teachers say they will be teaching classes during school hours as always, but are to provide no "direct educational support to students outside of regular hours."

"Teachers do not take this action lightly," Gwen Dueck, a spokewoman for the STF's bargaining committee, said in a news release. "They, too, enjoy providing these valuable opportunities for students."

The noon-hour supervision situation will vary from school district to school district.

Teachers who have agreed to provide noon-hour supervision or are required to provide it can either continue or, if their contract allows, resign from the duty.

Monday's job action follows a two-day strike of all teachers across the province Wednesday and Thursday. Teachers were also off the job on May 5.

Teachers will be back at work on Friday.

Contract talks between the two sides broke down last week, with wages a major point of contention.

The STF wants 16 per cent over three years, but the school board and government bargaining committee is offering 6 per cent.

The union says the economy is booming and teachers deserve better pay.

But the Saskatchewan government says the STF's current demands are excessive, and would cost $320 million over three years.

In a news release, Education Minister Donna Harpauer said the government's current offer would cost $100 million over three years. She added that the province is prepared to bring "additional resources" to the bargaining table.   

Harpauer also repeated a call she made earlier this week for the the STF to ensure that any future job action doesn't jeopardize final exams or the end of school year.