Evan Taypotat, 37, is a true leader. He is principal of Chief Kahkewistahaw Community School (CKCS). He is a First Nations role model, a coach, a mentor, and a support to Kahkewistahaw First Nation.

Evan joined the Canadian Forces in 2007 and soon became the officer in charge of aboriginal recruits of the Bold Eagle Military Program. He served in Afghanistan as part of Canada's Missions Transition Task Force in 2011.

His background in the Canadian Armed Forces has prepared him to present a clear vision and precise planning. As a result, staff and students at CKCS are focused on education. Pride and confidence is developing in the students and CKCS has now found its way in the educational world.

Evan is enrolled in graduate studies at the University of Regina and he will write his thesis on the current aboriginal funding gap.

He leads through motivation, participation, and student support. Athletics is a strong motivator. Students at CKCS are developing pride in their accomplishments.

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