A case of tuberculosis at the University of Saskatchewan has raised public awareness about a disease that has yet to be eradicated in the province, Health Minister Dustin Duncan says.

Duncan says Saskatchewan has a higher rate of the infectious lung disease than the rest of the country.

There are about 80 cases a year of TB in Saskatchewan, mostly in the north.

"Tuberculosis is still an issue that we need to be concerned about," Duncan said Monday.

"I think for a lot of people, tuberculosis is something that was eradicated decades ago. That's not the case in Saskatchewan. It's not the case in Canada."

The government will be launching a five-year strategy to deal with tuberculosis in the new year, Duncan said.

Meanwhile, dozens of students at the U of S were gathering at a makeshift clinic in the Education Building the same day to be tested for tuberculosis.

A student who was in one of their classes has been diagnosed with TB and is being treated in hospital.

Arts student Cheyenne Jones, who was one of the people who showed up at the clinic Monday, said she's just taking precautions.

"I got an email and I showed up because the person had been in my classroom, so I wanted to keep myself safe and make sure I wasn't infected," she said.

The Saskatoon Health Region sent emails to about 600 students and will be doing the tests until Thursday.

Health officials say there's a very small chance any of these individuals will develop TB. Students who test negative will be re-tested as a precaution in about two months.