Brad Wall skpic

Premier Brad Wall spoke to reporters Monday following his speech at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association. (CBC)

Premier Brad Wall has raised the possibility that his government might raise school taxes to pay for new capital projects.

Wall delivered that message to civic leaders Monday at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association's annual convention in Regina.

Many of those mayors and councillors are focused on how to replace aging infrastructure in their cities and towns.

Wall says one way might be to raise the education portion of property taxes. While a tax hike is not a given, Wall said he's not ruling it out.
"Do we assume that there will never, ever be an increase to education property tax now that the government's taken that part over? I'm not sure that's reasonable," he said.

Property taxes have been a hot topic with municipal leaders for many years, with a focus on the education portion. 

The system was overhauled several years ago, so now the province sets education tax mill rates. 

Wall says his preference is to balance the budget without raising taxes.

No final decisions have been made yet, he said.