Conducted energy weapons, often referred to as Tasers, shoot two probes toward a suspect, followed by a high voltage — but low amperage — charge to temporarily incapacitate the person.

RCMP in Pilot Butte, Sask., had to switch tactics Thursday after a Taser didn't work, after being used on a man who was apparently holding a blade to his own throat.

Officers had been called to a home early in the morning about a distraught man inside, who allegedly had weapons.

The Mounties cordoned off the area and brought in crisis negotiators, police dogs and a SWAT team.

They tried to negotiate and more than eight hours later, the man emerged from the house holding what appeared to be a blade to his throat.

Police said he was a danger to himself and other people, and on that basis, fired a stun gun, also known as a conducted energy weapon or Taser.

However, the Taser "was ineffective", police said.

They went back to negotiating with the man and at 11:25 a.m. CST, he was taken into custody. 

The man was taken to hospital in Regina for a health assessment. 

Police didn't say if charges will be laid.

There was no explanation of why the Taser had failed.