Three years after a man got stranded in northern Saskatchewan and chopped down some power poles to get rescued, his story has become an internet phenomenon.

A CBC News story about the June 2010 incident was posted on the Reddit social news and entertainment website earlier this week and within two days had been read by more than 200,000 people.

The man had a unique response when he was stranded in the bush near Wollaston Lake.

Far from civilization but armed with an axe, he brought down four power poles and waited for repairmen to find him.

Sure enough, SaskPower crews found him when they came to fix the line.

Some Reddit readers thought the man shouldn't have knocked out power to several communities to get the attention of rescuers, but many others applauded his resourcefulness.

"I cannot even chop firewood correctly. The dude took down four poles like a boss," one of them wrote. 

Reddit spokeswoman Victoria Taylor says the story obviously struck a chord with users.

"People found it interesting, people found it timely and they just upvoted it and decided they wanted to weigh in and share on it," she said.
People were no doubt drawn to the tale because of the winter survival aspects and the fact that everyone loves a good rescue story, Taylor said.