A judge in Regina has ordered Taj Smith, a receiver for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, to stand trial in a case of an alleged assault outside a night club. Another player charged, defensive back Dwight Anderson, will not stand trial. The judge said there was not enough evidence to proceed in his case.

Smith and Anderson were accused of beating a man in Regina outside of a night club in August of 2013.

A two-day long preliminary hearing wrapped up Thursday morning.

Evidence presented at a preliminary hearing is subject to a publication ban.

No date was set for Smith's trial. He has previously elected to have his case heard by a judge and jury.

It was previously reported by police that officers were sent to a nightclub on the 2000 block of Dewdney Avenue in the city's warehouse district on Aug. 18, around 2:40 a.m. CST, in response to a call that there was a group of people involved in or gathered around a fight.

When police arrived they said they found a 20-year-old man with injuries consistent with being in a physical altercation. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries.